Customer Returns

Pre-Loved to Re-loved

In a throw-away world, customer returns are a far too easy way to hemorrhage additional revenue from a product that otherwise may have reached its lifecycle end.

Decades of Experience

Red Edge Concepts has nearly 2 decades of experience between its directors which means we have the capability to turn this dead stock into a cherished item across a variety of market places meaning absolutely no product goes to landfill and every product from clothing to electrical is utilised and a pre-loved product becomes re-loved product extending the product lifecycle.

Bespoke Service

Creating a bespoke service to your needs, we can handle the redistribution ensuring you are able to achieve an additional revenue stream through a sustainable and environmentally efficient process for an otherwise wasteful end to your products.

Once We Have Work Out The Solution To Your Excess Stock Requirement, We Will Action This.

Working to suit your requirements, we will ensure the process is nice and simple for you and Utilising our extensive transport links to make sure timings are suitable, to once again cause as little disturbance to your usual business trading.

Once we have collected your excess stock, you can forget about it and return to your core business activities knowing that it is being dealt with efficiently.

We ensure this by Utilising a huge database of distribution channels built up by over a decade of trading, that results in even the smallest of products having a destination for being utilised.

Customer Returns