‘Green’ Red Edge Concepts

Our Commitment

Not only are we committed to offering a sustainable solution to a fast fashion and throw away culture with various waste possibilities, Red Edge Concepts pushes for complete sustainability throughout our entire business operations.

Company Vehicles

Red Edge Concepts has sustainability engrained into the roots of the business. From the start of operations, electric forklifts were used which holds a carbon footprint of nearly 70% less than that of an LPG or diesel forklift. Not to mention the health benefits to the people working around them not having to breath in the toxic particulates of unburned gas and fuel.

Warehouse Facilities

Everything in the business has been considered for its sustainability. From simple bulbs to waste materials, Red Edge Concepts has tried to ensure that everything meets modern standards in efficiency and that as much waste as possible is recycled.
Office heating is by way of a modern boiler and central heating system which is all programmed to ensure optimum use and efficiency.

Our Team

Our employees are offered several incentives for working with us. Red Edge Concepts is part of the Cycle to work scheme and encourages all staff to take advantage of the cycle work scheme instead of using their own motor vehicles and public transport.

Sustainability, Eco Friendly And All The Excess Stock Management Services You Need In One Place.

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need and at the same time make strides to ensure our claim of sustainability is more than just for business gain.

Our goal has always been to offer a superior B2B service for excess stock management whilst keeping up with the global need for being green.

All the efforts made by Red Edge Concepts to stay sustainable are not only for the benefit of business operations but with the key factors of sustainability and the world in which we live, at the forefront of our business mind.

Once We Have Work Out The Solution To Your Excess Stock Requirement, We Will Action This.

Working to suit your requirements, we will ensure the process is nice and simple for you and Utilising our extensive transport links to make sure timings are suitable, to once again cause as little disturbance to your usual business trading.

Once we have collected your excess stock, you can forget about it and return to your core business activities knowing that it is being dealt with efficiently.

We ensure this by Utilising a huge database of distribution channels built up by over a decade of trading, that results in even the smallest of products having a destination for being utilised.

'Green' Red Edge Concepts